Back to School in Style

Braselton Homes has always been a family owned and operated business. From its founding three generations ago, our family has made it a priority to bring quality, affordable, beautiful homes to the families of Corpus Christi.

So when we get the opportunity to give a helping hand to local families in need, we are happy to step up to the challenge. One such opportunity arose this summer, as Corpus Christi Fish for Life asked us to help out with their clothing drive for back to school shopping in August.

Fish for Life is a faith based non-profit organization that works closely with at-risk children and their families. They identified 50 West Oso ISD elementary students in need of clothing to wear to school, and Braselton Homes was so happy to step up to the plate and provide $100 gift cards for each child.

It was such an honor to be able to help these kids out in this way, and Michelle and I had such a fantastic time August 4th watching the kids run joyously all over J C Penny finding shoes and clothes to give them the confidence to kick the year off right. Many of these kids have never had the opportunity to pick out something new for themselves, and to watch them walk through the store wondrously, trying to decide just what to pick, was a heartwarming experience.

As the kids head back to school, we remember that when we design our neighborhoods, we are thinking of families and their children. Neighborhoods such as our Hunter’s Creek are designed within walking distance to local schools. This is a back-to-basics mentality, trying to give busy families back that priceless commodity, time with each other, and give our neighborhoods a sense of community as families gather at the local school, or one of our parks, or one our bike trails.

To check out our available neighborhoods and their amenities, go to, and to find out more about the good work of Fish for Life, go to

From our family to yours, we’re so proud of our heritage of making the Coastal Bend more and more beautiful, one family and one family home at a time.


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