Hand and Dove Awarded to Braselton Founders

Our Christian faith is not only an integral part of who we are as a family, but also an important part of our corporate culture. Therefore, we felt honored and blessed for our patriarch and matriarch, Vanessa and Fred Braselton, to be chosen by the South Texas School of Christian Studies for their annual Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2017 Hand and Dove.

The ceremony took place November 2 and recognized the couple for the family’s three generations of commitment to Christian leadership in the Coastal Bend. We look forward to many more years (and generations!) serving our community as builders of homes and Christian fellowship.

For more information: https://www.stscs.org/donate/hand-and-dove/

fred and vaness



A Healthy Home is a Happy Home

One of the things we are most proud of at Braselton Homes is our commitment to the health of the inhabitants of our homes. The advances in technology over the past few years to keep your home cleaner and healthier are impressive, and our research team has dedicated years of study to making sure we are on the forefront of this movement to make our homes as healthy as possible- even if your pets are responsible for a barrage of hair and dander in your home!

This starts, of course, with the air and the water in our homes. UV water filtration systems remove 99.9% of microorganisms in the water coming into our homes, so water boils do not affect our homebuyers nor do they have to worry about their families bathing in or being otherwise exposed to the chlorine, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, and other toxins that plague municipal water systems. This also ensures the pipes in our home won’t corrode or have the buildup in them that pipes subjected to city water experience.

We also use UV air filtration and high efficiency pleated, rollout AC filters. These system controls airborne irritants such as pollen, pet dander, and the carbon monoxide and other chemicals that build up inside a home. This reduces the asthma, respiratory problems, and allergies that are so rampant in our area. Our homes are also built using low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) present in many new carpets, cabinets and paint that can be extremely harmful to your health, so our homeowners can rest easy that they are not subjecting their families to a barrage of toxins when they move into their new home.

Our advanced ventilation systems work hard to control the humidity level in your home, which enhances the efficiency of the air conditioning system but also prevents the buildup of mold and mildew in the walls of a home- greatly increasing the health of the inhabitants.

We even install touchless water faucets in our kitchens to prevent bacteria and other food contaminants from permeating your kitchen!

Our commitment to the quality of the air and water in our homes is a commitment to our homebuyers that their home will be as healthy and environmentally sensitive as possible- leading them to a life free of toxins, pollutants, allergens, mold and mildew that can cause so many long-term health issues for so many. With our advanced systems, even your fur baby can’t ruin your healthy home!

Coastal Bend Strong! Rebuilding Better, Together

As a third generation Corpus Christians, the devastation Horrible Harvey wreaked on our area has been heartbreaking to the Braselton family. The Coastal Bend has been dealt a serious blow, and our hearts go out to those in our neighboring communities who were so catastrophically affected by this storm.

But we are Texas Proud and Coastal Bend Strong, and we know that the resiliency that our community is known for and the neighbor-helping-neighbor attitude that has gotten us through many a disaster before has shown through and we are inspired, humbled, and proud of the response of the Coastal Bend.

As we rebuild our homes, our neighborhoods, our towns, and our cities, we are cognizant of the amazing power that folks will have to protect themselves from Mother Nature in the future. The technological breakthroughs of modern engineering to address the challenges of the high winds that plague our coastal cities are nothing short of a modern miracle. As people rebuild or relocate into homes that were not severely damaged, they will be protected from the elements in ways that we could not have even imagined even as few as ten years ago.

As the largest homebuilders South of San Antonio, Braselton Homes has taken great pains to ensure that our contractors are proficient in the execution of the latest windstorm codes and taking advantage of the most cutting-edge engineering practices to protect our homeowners from storm damage. We are building the most homes here on the coast, and our highest priority is the safety and security of the families who live in these homes.

As we come together to rebuild our communities, we can look forward to a bright future as more homeowners will be living in homes built according to these codes. Dark days are upon us, but the opportunity is real for us to come back stronger, together.




Back to School in Style

Braselton Homes has always been a family owned and operated business. From its founding three generations ago, our family has made it a priority to bring quality, affordable, beautiful homes to the families of Corpus Christi.

So when we get the opportunity to give a helping hand to local families in need, we are happy to step up to the challenge. One such opportunity arose this summer, as Corpus Christi Fish for Life asked us to help out with their clothing drive for back to school shopping in August.

Fish for Life is a faith based non-profit organization that works closely with at-risk children and their families. They identified 50 West Oso ISD elementary students in need of clothing to wear to school, and Braselton Homes was so happy to step up to the plate and provide $100 gift cards for each child.

It was such an honor to be able to help these kids out in this way, and Michelle and I had such a fantastic time August 4th watching the kids run joyously all over J C Penny finding shoes and clothes to give them the confidence to kick the year off right. Many of these kids have never had the opportunity to pick out something new for themselves, and to watch them walk through the store wondrously, trying to decide just what to pick, was a heartwarming experience.

As the kids head back to school, we remember that when we design our neighborhoods, we are thinking of families and their children. Neighborhoods such as our Hunter’s Creek are designed within walking distance to local schools. This is a back-to-basics mentality, trying to give busy families back that priceless commodity, time with each other, and give our neighborhoods a sense of community as families gather at the local school, or one of our parks, or one our bike trails.

To check out our available neighborhoods and their amenities, go to braseltonhomes.com, and to find out more about the good work of Fish for Life, go to fishforlifecc.com.IMG_7406

From our family to yours, we’re so proud of our heritage of making the Coastal Bend more and more beautiful, one family and one family home at a time.

Math, Science, and Twinkling Stars

The kids in the ECF Community Center after school program were the shining stars at an event this July, and the Braselton Homes family had a ton of fun getting the chance to help them show of their talents.

ECF hosted an open house showcasing the various art and science projects the kids are working on for the group of parents, staff, and supporters gathered to watch them shine- especially when they pulled out the recorders and brought down the house with a performance of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

Michelle and Bart Braselton were there to cheer on the kids, as this program is one near and dear to the hearts of the Braselton family because it has such an amazing impact on the at risk kids who are part of the program.

To learn more about ECF, visit: http://ecf-cc.org/

Where We Live is Who We Are

A living room, especially one in an open floor plan concept home, is the communal space where a family gathers to relax together, where friends gather to watch a game or enjoy cocktails and conversation, where we “live”- that’s why we call it the living room. But a home is much more than one room, and here at Braselton homes we’ve worked hard to maximize the use of space in our homes so that lots of living can be done throughout your property.

One of our favorite bonus living spaces that we’ve added recently are our courtyard entryways. These provide privacy and security for the entrance to your home, but also lend a sense of urban oasis, serenity, and even a touch of glamour as you and your guests enter your home. At my home, I added a fountain and a rock garden to my entry courtyard, and it has dramatically improved the living experience for us. We can hear the fountain and see the reflection of the sun on the water in the front rooms of the house, and it adds tranquility to the rooms as well as the kids a different, fun and safe space to play.

home pic


A Place for Everything

As the school year winds to a close, and shouts of “School’s Out for the Summer!” resound throughout the Coastal Bend, parents everywhere ( having survived another year of soccer schedules, PTA meetings, teacher appreciation luncheons, spelling tests, science fair projects, and carpool lines)  start the annual “Spring Cleaning”.  Out go the lunch boxes, old cleats, and backpacks…and everything else collected during the year that has found its way into our homes.

And every year, at this time, as the closets, pantries, and playrooms are purged, parents everywhere resolve that  NEXT YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT!  that we  will never let this  happen  again. Next school year…. they will be organized.

But, we know its not just the kids; we parents have too much stuff too. Closets and attics are bursting , and the garage is full of everything….but cars.

Remember when your mother said, “A place for everything and everything in its place?” With Braselton Home designs, no space is wasted and every nook and cranny of our homes is designed to give you the organized, efficient home that you want (and keep pinning on Pinterest) but thought you could never have.

And, so at Braselton Homes, we have designed our new homes to address this problem .  Just as important as the numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms that a home has should be the number of Storage Areas ….places to put our stuff and to keep it all  organized.

BraseltonBuilt homes have unique and clever storage solutions built right into them so with your Braselton Home, you can save that money that you now spend each month at your  storage unit location.

Today,  our most popular Home Storage solutions  include:

-Drop Zones

-Oversized walk-in pantries

-Butler pantries

-built-in back yard storage sheds

-Texas Basements

-“Storehouse” Units

-“Tech” Bars

Today, we will review the” little miracle” we call the Drop Zone. In Northern areas , these spaces are  called a “mudroom”…however, we have taken that area , upped the ante, and  turned this small space into the hardest working room in your house. A place to “drop” your keys and packages  when you get home, this room  has added storage benches, hooks, cubbies and even desks,  to provide “homes” not only  for the kids packpacks and  sports gear, but also for the monthly bills and mail.

Come check out our newest model home, at 3126 Maverick Drive, located in the award-winning Tuloso Midway school district and within walking distance to the Tuloso- Midway Elementary school, in our Hunter’s Creek Neighborhood;  homes in this neighborhood start in the $160’s, and are a family’s dream come true.

In the Model Home, at the Owners Entry from the garage The Drop Zone is the first thing that greets you. With this location, the kids can store their aforementioned sports gear, backpacks, and all their other “stuff” neatly. The can put it  away immediately, so its  ready for tomorrow.

And, along with the other “kid-friendly” aspects of this Braselton Home, the open floor plan, walk-in  pantry, and  abundance of natural light make this the perfect home for your family to enjoy.

The location of this Hunter’s Creek is ideal….  2 minutes from I-37, but in the protection of the rolling hills of the Northwest.  It’s just minutes to the Fulton Corridor and  downtown, as well as close to churches, parks and shopping.   Hunters Creek offers  all the peace and quiet of a suburb without  the traffic. It is among the the best living areas that our city has to offer. For a map and more info, visit us at Braseltonhomes.com.


Student Outreach HELP

Braselton Homes enjoyed the chance to visit with some enterprising young men and women this month when the students from the Hammons Education Leadership Program visited with our construction staff and visited a few homes under construction to find out more about the construction industry.

Tim Honea, Vice President of Construction at Braselton Homes, Inc., dropped by Moody High School to speak to a construction class about opportunities within the industry. The following week, the students visited our Oso Creek subdivision to tour homes in various stages of construction.

Our team enjoyed the opportunity to tell these students about our industry, and the students appreciated the opportunity to see what we had to offer- and learn about all the work that went into the construction of their homes!

Thanks to the Caller Times for covering this story for us. For more info: http://www.caller.com/story/news/education/2017/03/14/moody-hs-help-students-get-taste-construction-profession/99184680/


Indoor/ Outdoor Living at its Finest

We are blessed with mild winters here in South Texas. This means that for many months of the year we can enjoy our backyards when most of the rest of the country is googling “how to cure cabin fever and Seasonal Affective Disorder.” Having outdoor spaces that serve as an extension of indoor living space, such as a dining patio off the kitchen or an outdoor living room extending from your living room, welcomes the outdoors in with a great use of windows and doors as well as inviting your family and guests to step outside to visit with Mother Nature.

Our floor plans incorporate these elements. We put inviting patios steps away from living areas so that you can’t wait to head outside with your morning coffee or evening cocktail (or your kids even want to put down the video game controller and join you!). Some of our homes even feature courtyards out front that create a serene moment for you the moment you enter your space. Many of our homes are on or close to lakes and ponds and large parkland that create the beautiful view (and cool breezes!) that water provides.


Meet our Interior Designer!

One of the most fun parts of building a Braselton home is the fun the homeowner has customizing the home to make it exactly the way they want it to be. When you buy a used home, you are paying for someone else’s design decisions, but a new home is a blank canvas that you can personalize and make your own.

This is an amazing opportunity, but also can be an overwhelming burden of too many choices. There’s also always the scary scenario where design decisions don’t all work together and a house ends up a mishmash of too many styles and colors- this can make your dream house a nightmare!

Fortunately, at Braselton Homes we are committed to the quality of our product, building homes that are stylish, modern and design forward while at the same time expressing the unique style of the homeowner. We take that commitment seriously, and so we are the only local builder with an in-house interior designer who chooses the available options for flooring, tile, appliances, stone, paint, etc. This ensures that your home is something you can be proud of for generations to come.

So come on by and meet Cilinda, our in-house designer, and let her help you create the home of your dreams!