Indoor/ Outdoor Living at its Finest

We are blessed with mild winters here in South Texas. This means that for many months of the year we can enjoy our backyards when most of the rest of the country is googling “how to cure cabin fever and Seasonal Affective Disorder.” Having outdoor spaces that serve as an extension of indoor living space, such as a dining patio off the kitchen or an outdoor living room extending from your living room, welcomes the outdoors in with a great use of windows and doors as well as inviting your family and guests to step outside to visit with Mother Nature.

Our floor plans incorporate these elements. We put inviting patios steps away from living areas so that you can’t wait to head outside with your morning coffee or evening cocktail (or your kids even want to put down the video game controller and join you!). Some of our homes even feature courtyards out front that create a serene moment for you the moment you enter your space. Many of our homes are on or close to lakes and ponds and large parkland that create the beautiful view (and cool breezes!) that water provides.



Meet our Interior Designer!

One of the most fun parts of building a Braselton home is the fun the homeowner has customizing the home to make it exactly the way they want it to be. When you buy a used home, you are paying for someone else’s design decisions, but a new home is a blank canvas that you can personalize and make your own.

This is an amazing opportunity, but also can be an overwhelming burden of too many choices. There’s also always the scary scenario where design decisions don’t all work together and a house ends up a mishmash of too many styles and colors- this can make your dream house a nightmare!

Fortunately, at Braselton Homes we are committed to the quality of our product, building homes that are stylish, modern and design forward while at the same time expressing the unique style of the homeowner. We take that commitment seriously, and so we are the only local builder with an in-house interior designer who chooses the available options for flooring, tile, appliances, stone, paint, etc. This ensures that your home is something you can be proud of for generations to come.

So come on by and meet Cilinda, our in-house designer, and let her help you create the home of your dreams!



A Winter Wonderland for Women’s Shelter

The Braselton team had a ton of fun ice skating with the Ice Rays December 20 as we hosted a Winter Wonderland skate night to benefit the Women’s Shelter of South Texas. Thanks to all 200 people who came out to skate with us- and helped us raise $2500 and over $500 in toys to donate to our local women’s shelter.

“This time of year it is especially touching for us to help the women who are escaping domestic abuse and poverty at the shelter and are working on building new lives for themselves and their children,” said Bart Braselton.




Braselton Homes is proud to announce the honorees given awards at the annual company dinner November 18 at the Corpus Christi Country Club.

The honorees are Salesperson of the Year – Joe Recio, Construction Employee of the year – Bryan Burns, Administrative Employee of the Year – Trisha Gracey, Supplier of the Year – Zarsky Lumber, Major Subcontractor of the year – Custom Filtration & Plumbing,  Subcontractor of the year – Reynaldo Reyes, Atta Girl Recognition – Heather Eoff, Atta Girl Recognition – Alma Phillips.

Thanks to everyone who made 2016 such a great year!



Braselton Homes Donate and Skate

The Braselton family, employee family, and friends had a marvelous time on the ice with the @IceRays October 22  at the American Bank Center- thanks to everyone who came out for this family friendly event benefitting the Food Bank of Corpus Christi!

Our favorite moments included Bree and Bryson Braselton whizzing around the ice thanks to Ice Rays players ready to lend a hand- guys, you’ve made two little fans for life! This is just another fantastic example of the Corpus Christi community coming together for fun and fellowship to support a great cause- and we thank all of you and the Ice Rays for making it possible!


Skating into Fall

This weekend, Braselton Homes will fund one of our favorite charities with one of the most fun “fundraisers” of the year. Join us Saturday October 22 at the American Bank Center for an evening ice skating with the Ice Rays. Your $10 per person donation to the Food Bank is your admission fee, and you’ll spend the evening enjoying a fun Halloween costume contest and skating with the Rays players and mascot. The fun begins at 6:30 and continues till 9 p.m.

This is a great opportunity to make sure the Food Bank can keep its activities going all year round feeding local families who are struggling to make ends meet. See you on the ice!

Through the Eyes of Children

Check out the adorable pictures of houses drawn by the sweet children over at the E.C.F. Community Center in the West Side neighborhood in Corpus Christi! We spent the summer helping out with their tutoring program and then had a great time handing out backpacks of school supplies before school began this year, but we definitely feel that those kids gave much more to us than we did to them during the process.

We told them that we design and build houses for a living and they decided to give us some renderings to give us ideas. Collaborative projects like this one make our community stronger!

Look in our model homes for the next few months to see their awesome artwork!house2

School Days, School Days

Backpack picThe Braselton family was pleased to have the opportunity to get the school year started off right for dozens of local school kids this year. Recently, Michelle and Bart stopped by the ECF Community Center: to visit with the kids who participate in the organization’s tutoring program and give out backpacks full of school supplies so they were ready and excited about the upcoming Fall semester.

These kids are the future of our community, and supporting their education is one of the ways that we feel will have the most impact on the decades to come. Not to mention that we had fun hanging out with them!


Braselton Supports Tutoring Program

The Braselton family has always prioritized supporting local charities that benefit children- we consider these programs to have a large impact on the future of our community and the lives of those most vulnerable in our society. This week, ECF Community Center made our day by recognizing Braselton Homes, Inc. for contributing to the programs they offer to children. The ECF offers after-school tutoring, as well as food distribution, and family counseling to children in need. We were treated to student presentations of the projects they completed, as well as a very special project of Braselton Homes houses drawn by the children that touched our hearts.

If anyone would like to join us in helping the ECF continue to offer these programs to children please visit





Sea City Camp Makes City Sparkle

fb2The Braselton Homes team had an amazing time making the Sparkling City a little more sparkly by donating roofing materials to the Sea City Work Camp this June.

Volunteers from across the city spent a week painting and repairing low-income homes in Corpus Christi neighborhoods, and we were honored to be involved in helping this project along.

Homeowner Debbie Brooks had fun with “The Pink Team,” a group of all female volunteers including gals from Braselton as they painted her house and rehabbed the roof.